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Tineco PURE ONE X Smart Stick/Handheld Vacuum Cleaner



Advanced battery performance deliver up to 45 minutes run time* on a single charge; uniquely powerful suction with conveniently quiet operation suitable for use around children and pets. * Based on internal controlled lab testing.


Powerfully and effectively targets hair messes with no hair wrapping on the brush after use. The led lights on the brush illuminate the hidden dust and debris, making them easier to remove.


Tineco iLoop Smart Sensor technology automatically detects debris and messes, and adjusts suction power for optimal cleaning and battery performance.


No cord, no hassles. Easy to lift and maneuver with only 2.8 lbs. Converts to a versatile handvac for cleaning hard-to-reach corners, as well as furniture, stairs, and mattresses.


Clean the dustbin at the touch of a button. No complicated removal of bins and filters.

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How does the 2-year warranty work?
All Tineco machines have a 2-year warranty against original defects in material and workmanship when used for private household purposes in accordance with the Tineco Instruction Manual. To get started with a warranty, please follow the following steps: 1. Contact Tineco Customer Support by emailing and provide the your name, email, shipping address, proof of purchase, and the details of your warranty issue. 2. Customer Service will issue out a return label for the part that needs to be replaced. 3. You can print the label out and send the part back at your convenience. 4. Once received, a replacement will be sent out at that time.
Does the PURE ONE X Have LED lights?
Yes, it does. 1,There are LED headlights on the power brush to help you clean hard to see spots. 2,There is a LED indicator lights on the up-side of the main body to make power consumption and faiure visible. it also help you determine how clean your floor or carpet is.
How long can the PURE ONE X run per full charge?
The Tineco PURE ONE X has an Auto mode and a Max mode which allows for a running time ranging from 12 to 70 minutes depending on which tools are used and on the environment it is used on.
How many watts does the digital motor have? How strong is the suction power?
The Tineco PURE ONE X is equipped with a 260W digital motor to provide suction power up to 80W . The Tineco PURE ONE X has an Auto mode and a Max mode. While using Auto mode, the power will vary depending on dirt levels on the cleaning surface.
What is the input voltage? Can this be charged with 220V?
The input voltage is 120V for the United States and Canada, 100-240V for Europe regions and 110V for Japan.
Can the Tineco Pure One X stand upright?
The Tineco PURE ONE X Cordless Vacuum can't stand upright on its own, but it can be easily be stored on our wall-mounted dock.
How do I charge my battery?
The Tineco PURE ONE X is equipped with a wall-mounted dock. The battery starts charging once you put away the mainbody or the extra battery pack into the dock.
Does this vacuum work on carpet and hardwood floors?
The Tineco PURE ONE X can be cleaned in carpet and hardwood floors.
How do I store my vacuum?
We advise to store the vacuum on the wall-mounted dock for charging and storage. It can charge two batteries and also store 3 extra tools. In order to preserve the bristles on some of the tools, store the bristled tools on the wall-mounted dock and the other tools in the provided tools bag.
Where can I purchase additional accessories or replacement parts?
You can purchase additional accessories or replacement parts on Amazon. Please follow the link to see what is available.
What's the function of each accessory that comes with the PURE ONE X?
Mini power brush: A brush for vacuuming upholstered furniture, mattresses and etc. Crevice tool: A tool that allows cleaning for corners, niches and other hard to reach places. 2-in-1 Dusting brush: Dual function brush that allows you to vacuum hard surface furniture with bristles or remove the bristles to vacuuming upholstered furniture, curtains, and etc. Hair cleaning tool: A tool with a small blade to remove the hair and debris wrapped around the roller. Use the end with the little brush to clean the brush holder or the dustbin. Pre-filter cleaning tool: A tool that cleans the pre-filter without using water. Just hook up the vacuum to the tool and with the vacuum running, turn the tool to clean the filter.
How do I empty the dustbin?
Press the release button on the side of the dustbin to empty its contents. Push the bottom of the dustbin back into place after emptying.
How do I remove and clean the soft roller?
Please follow the following steps to remove and clean the soft roller: Turn the brush roller upside down. Use a coin or other tool to unlock the brush roller lock by turning the lock counterclockwise. Remove the lock plate from the brush roller. Remove the brush from the brush holder. Remove the hair and debris wrapped around the roller with Tineco Hair Cleaning Tool. After cleaning, place the brush back into the roller. Place the lock plate back onto the brush roller and relock by turning the lock clockwise Please do not rinse the power brush with water.
How often does the dustbin need to be emptied?
Generally, we advise to empty the the dustbin before it reaches the "MAX" line.
Does the PURE ONE X come with a continuous cleaning switch so I don’t have to hold the power button down while cleaning?
Yes, PURE ONE X comes with a switch lock, so you don’t have to hold the power button while cleaning all the time.
Is this vacuum cleaner easy to assemble? Do I need a screw driver to assemble it?
There are no tools necessary to assemble the vacuum. All you need to do is push and click the pieces together. For example, take out the vacuum and attach the tube and brush roller together until you hear them click. Once all three pieces are attached, you can begin cleaning.
How long should I charge the battery?
Before your first use, please charge the appliance for 3-4 hours. The PURE ONE X has the battery protection function which allows it to stop charging once it reaches full capacity. If you do not use your vacuum for long periods of time, we recommend keeping the battery charged to at least 50% once every 3 months.
How to store the battery if not use machine for long time?
If you do not use your vacuum for long periods of time, we recommend keeping the battery charged to at least 50% once every 3 months. Put the battery in cool and dry place where the temperature is between 39.2°F (4°C) -102°F (40°C).
Can I use PURE ONE X to clean the inside of my car?
The Pure One X, with the right assorment of accessories, can be used to clean inside cars.
Is it OK to leave the unit plugged into charger after it is fully charged?
The PURE ONE X has the battery protection function which allows it to stop charging once it reaches full capacity.
Does the brush scratches or dulls floors?
No, it doesn't. The brush works great on hard floors without causing any damage to it. It is also recommended to test an area that is sensitive before using any accessories on it.
Is the filter replaceable and can it be washed?
The pre-filter can be cleaned with the following method: Take out the dirty pre-filter from the mesh filter-holder Put the dirty pre-filter into the cleaning tool Place a clean filter into the mesh filter-holder. Connect the cleaning tool to the main body. While the vacuum is running, rotate the side cover to clean the dirty pre-filter. After cleaning the filter for about 1 minute, remove the filter and store for later use. The filter is replaceable. Please visit our store on Amazon to find replacement filters.

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
ya lin

The suction is very good, it is very convenient to operate, it is very friendly to children and pets at home, and it is very clean. like very much

Nancy Perez

After about a month of having my tineco I realized that I'm missing one of the attachments that comee with it after seen i video of someone using the exact one i have


Tineco PURE ONE X Smart Stick/Handheld Vacuum Cleaner

Jacqueline Blowes

I AM OBSESSED! also disgusted at how much dust and crap I am vacuuming from my house. This vacuum is great and I can not recommend this brand enough.

Tineco PURE ONE X Smart Stick/Handheld Vacuum Cleaner

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