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Tineco Floor ONE SWITCH S7 Wet Dry Vacuum Cleaner

$759.00 $899.99

5 in 1 Smart Multi-Function Cleaner

A revolutionary alternative to conventional vacuum cleaners, offering a comprehensive solution for dealing with wet spills, stubborn dry stains, and other messes beyond the capabilities of traditional vacuums. It comes with a range of vacuum attachments, making it easy to clean both high and soft surfaces.

Easily Switch with SwitchPro Motor for Whole-House Cleaning

Easily switches between floor washer and vacuum, providing the ultimate and most versatile solution for whole-house cleaning, including kitchen and bathrooms. Various attachments are included for soft surfaces, crevices, and high-reach areas.

Continuous Clean-Brush Washing via MHCBSTM Technology

Keep your floors spotless with the MHCBSTM technology which efficiently recycles dirty water with adhering scraper component and constantly washes with fresh water at a constant 450 times/min.

Effectively Prevents Tangling with ZeroTangle Brush

The specially-designed brush effectively targets hair messes and pet fur without wrapping, making the brush even easier to clean. Vacuuming hairs both long and short is now a breeze!

FlashDry Self-Cleaning System for Thorough Cleaning

Using 158℉ fresh water to effectively dissolve stains and deep-clean from the pipe to the brush roller. It then undergoes sealed drying at 158℉to provide powerful water extraction of every part. The brush roller rotates in both directions and utilizes centrifugal air drying to make the brush fluffier and drier, while also reducing odors.

Battery Lifespan Improved by 200%

The upgraded pouch cell ensures that SWITCH S7 maintains its exceptional cleaning power for an extended duration. Compared to other batteries, the battery lifespan is extended 3-fold, allowing for prolonged usage.

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Vacuum is Not Enough

Clean Every Mess, Everywhere You Find One

From kitchen grease to bathroom water stains, FLOOR ONE SWITCH S7 tackles every mess, every scene, every time.

One Switch,Endless Possibilities

Switch it up! Seamlessly switch out attachments for more efficient and hassle-free cleaning, tackling every mess in your home with ease.

2 min Hot Water Wash &
5 min Flash Dry

Self-cleaning cycle: Uses 158℉ fresh
water to effectively dissolve stains from the pipe to the brush roller,
providing a superior self-cleaning result.

Self-drying process: Sealed drying at 158℉ to provide powerful water extraction of every part, ensuring an
odor-free and healthy living environment.

All-in-one solution for aplethora of messes on various surfaces

Tineco Innovative MHCBSTM Technology

Continual cleaning with fresh water, since only clean brushes make clean floors.

Maximize Cleaning Efficiency with Upgraded Floating Scraper

Newly-added floating scraper adheres seamlessly and consistently to the brush roller, ensuring optimal cleaning performance even as the brush naturally wears.

Advanced Cleaning Performance for All Cleaning Needs

Only vacuum cleaners equipped with Tineco PureCyclone and ZeroTangle brush deliver unparalleled cleaning power.

Knot-Free Hair Removal with ZeroTangle Brush

Hair will be easily lifted and vacuumed,leaving no tangles on the brush roller.

Tineco PureCyclone Tech for Strong, Long-Lasting Suction

Effectively separates air and dust to keep the filter cleaner longer,
maintaining lasting suction.

High Cleaning Efficiency and Longer Runtime with Tineco iLoop™

Tineco iLoop™ Smart Sensor detects dirt in real time, optimizing suction
power and water flow for thorough cleaning and extended runtime.

Cleaning is a breeze with SmoothPower system

Pushing forward or pulling back, the FLOOR ONE S7 Combo always assists movement and makes cleaning easier than ever.

Lightweight design for cleaning anywhere

A lightweight design makes it easy to maneuver, allowing you to clean stairs, reach under sofas, and even clean above high cabinets with ease.

Dual-side enhanced edge cleaning

Eliminate any overlooked spots and ensure comprehensive cleaning for your entire home, leaving no gaps or corners uncleaned.

Lights the way into every nook

Equipped with an LED headlight, the brush head illuminates your cleaning path as you easily clean under furniture and in tight spaces.

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Tineco Floor ONE Switch S7 Wet Dry Vacuum Cleaner

Tineco Floor ONE SWITCH S7 Wet Dry Vacuum Cleaner

$759.00 $899.99
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One-Touch Self-Clean
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Headlights on brush head
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