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    Smart cordless vacuum intelligently detects dirt, debris and other messes. Automatically adjusts suction power for a faster, easier cleaning experience.

    Choose Your Vacuum Cleaners

    Tineco vacuum effectively removes debris and dirt from your floors and carpets; from whole-home cleaning to quick pick-ups.

    • 4-in-1 Clean Station

    • Running Time : up to 50 mins

    •  60 Days of Hassle-free Use with 3L Eco Dustbin

    • 5-Stage Filtration with H13 HEPA

    •  Tineco iLoop™ Smart Sensor Delivers Precise Suction

    • 4-In-1 Multifunctional OmniHub

    • ZeroTangle Brush Prevents Tangling Hair

    • 60 Days Of Hassle-Free Use With 3L Eco Dustbin

    • Self-Clean From Brush To Dustbin

    • Running Time : up to 40 mins

    • iLoop sensor: YES

    • Dust Capacity:0.6L

    • Screen Display: LED

    • ZeroTangle™ Brush

    • Running Time : up to 40min

    • iLoop sensor: YES

    • Dust Capacity:0.47L

    • Screen Display: LCD

    • ZeroTangle™ Brush

    • Running Time : up to 30min

    • iLoop sensor: YES

    • Dust Capacity:0.47L

    • Screen Display: LED

    What Makes Tineco Vacuum Cleaners Different

    Tineco iLoop smart sensor technology

    Auto-adjusts suction power through detecting the amount of dirt on floors and carpets, prolonging battery runtime.

    Tineco MHCBS™ Technology

    Four steps ensure a clean roller for clean floors: rinse evenly with fresh water, wash at high RPM, constantly wring dirty water and immediately suction dirt.

    ZeroTangle brush head

    V-shaped bristles and dual comb design means hairs get lifted and vacuumed without tangling around the roller brush.

    Tineco PureCyclone

    Powerfully separates air and dust to avoid pre-filter clogging or suction loss.