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Tineco PURE ONE S11 Smart Cordless Stick Vacuum Cleaner - Strong Suction, Long Runtime & Lightweight Handheld

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  • Featuring iLoop(TM) Smart Sensor technology, PURE ONE S11 detects hidden dust and debris and auto-adjusts suction power in real time, for up to 2X longer runtime and complete cleaning confidence.
  • High performance, ultra-quiet digital motor delivers 130W of strong suction. Clean quietly with less disturbance to family and pets.
  • Up to 40 minutes runtime, PURE ONE S11 is perfect for uninterrupted whole house cleaning.
  • Cordless and lightweight, PURE ONE S11 easily converts to a handheld vacuum with versatile attachments to clean stairs, cars, furniture and more.
  • Onboard color LED display and connected Tineco App monitor cleaning progress, battery levels, and suction performance for an intelligent cleaning experience.

Smart Detects, Adjusts, and Deep Cleans

Featuring Tineco's iLoopTM smart sensor technology, PURE ONE S11 intelligently detects the hidden dirt and debris you can't see, and auto-adjusts suction power in real-time for an ultimate, complete cleaning experience.

LED Display Monitors Performance

Monitor cleaning progress and performance with color LED display. Helpful prompts, maintenance reminders and multiple monitors provide full featured cleaning details.

2 Power Modes

Strong digital motors provide 130W strong suction for deep, complete cleaning. The right power when you need it. Auto and Max modes to choose from, to suit all cleaning tasks on all floor types.

Up to 40 Minutes Runtime

No battery power wasted. PURE ONE S11 balances sution and battery power extending runtime up to 40 minutes for longer and through cleaning.

Deep Cleans Carpets and Hard Floors

Powerful multi-tasker brush head digs deep into carpet removing ground-in dirt and pet hair. Low profile, slim design and LED lights make it easy to clean low and dark spaces.

Versatile Use

Lightweight body easily converts to handvac with versatile attachements to clean stairs, corners, furniture, cars and more.

Built-in App Integration

Customize your cleaning experience with the exclusive Tineco app for an intelligent cleaning experience, featuring real-time performance monitoring, cleaning reports, maintenance reminders, tech support, troubleshooting and more.

Wall-mounted Storage & Easy Charging

Keep your home tidy and neat. The dual-charging wall-mounted dock holds the vacuum and 3 accessories for easy, convenient storage, so it's always ready to use.

Product Configuration

1. Tube 

2. Main Body 

3. Mini Power Brush

4. Full-size LED multi-tasker power brush 

5. Crevice Tool 

6. 2-in-1 Dusting Tool 

7. Pre-filter 

8. Pre-filter Cleaning Tool 

9. Adaptor 

10. Hair Cleaning Tool 

11. Wall-mounted Docking Station

Product Care


How to use


How to maintain

Technical Specifications

Auto Suction Power

18W - 130W

Battery Capacity   


Running Time   

up to 40 mins   


72 dBA

Filter System


Dust Capacity


All-in-one LED Display


APP Intergation



11.4 x 8.3 x 43.5 inches


5.7 pounds




  • PURE ONE S11 Instruction Manual EN
  • PURE ONE S11 Warranty EN

Customer Questions & Answers

How long this battery can keep running?

S11 vacuum has two modes. The Auto mode: around 40 mintues. The Max mode: around 9 minutes.

Do you need to clean the filter or replace?

The filters can be clean by cold running water and let it fully dry before using it again. We recommend replacing the filter after 6 months.

IS the battery replaceable?

Yes, the battery of S11 is replaceable.

Do you have to change cleaning heads to go from carpet to hardwood ?

You need to remove the power brush heads depends on the are you are cleaning. Its either carpet brush or hard floor brush.

Do you have to continually depress the switch to make it operate?

The Pure One S11 has a switch lock feature to hold the trigger to avoid you holding it manually.

Does the tineco one S11 work on shaggy carpets?

We only recommend on sort tailed carpet to avoid entangling.

What is the hair tool used for and on what part of the vacuum?

The hair cleaning tool is used for removing dust and hair entangled on the brush.

How does this vacuum work on deep pile carpets?

The Pure One S11 has a multi-tasker power brush performs well and has strong suction power which could be 130W max, it can work well on tile carpets.

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