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Tineco PURE ONE MINI S4 Smart Handheld Vacuum

$99.99 $149.99


Cordless handheld vacuum features lightweight and convenient performance, low noise output, powerful suction for its compact size; simple to use, can go anywhere, and tackle tough messes.


Ideal as a handheld car vacuum, kitchen vacuum, for pet hair and cat litter, and more; 3 nozzle types – regular, extension attachment, dust attachment – perfect for any cleaning situation.


iLoop Smart Sensor technology auto adjusts suction power for optimal cleaning; eco-friendly HEPA filter can be washed for extended lifetime service; advanced noise reduction design.


Solid construction is durable, built to last; superior performance for rugged use in car interiors, tough dirt and debris, bookshelves, keyboards, and hard-to-reach areas; use on any surface


Better for quick, daily use than upright vacuums, electric brooms, and other cleaning tools; lithium-ion battery charges fully in about 2 hours and delivers up to 26 minutes run time.

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How does the 2-year warranty work?
All Tineco machines have a 2-year warranty against original defects in material and workmanship when used for private household purposes in accordance with the Tineco Instruction Manual. To get started with a warranty, please follow the following steps: 1. Contact Tineco Customer Support by emailing and provide the your name, email, shipping address, proof of purchase, and the details of your warranty issue. 2. Customer Service will issue out a return label for the part that needs to be replaced. 3. You can print the label out and send the part back at your convenience. 4. Once received, a replacement will be sent out at that time.
Does the PURE ONE S4 Have LED lights?
Yes, it does.There is an LED indicator lights at the top of the machine to make power consumption visible.
How long can the PURE ONE S4 run per full charge?
The Tineco PURE ONE S4 has an Auto mode and a Max mode which allows for a running time ranging from 10 to 20 minutes depending on which tools are used and on the environment it is used on.
How many watts does the digital motor have? How strong is the suction power?
The Tineco PURE ONE S4 is equipped with a 90W digital motor to provide suction power up to 20W . The Tineco PURE ONE S4 has an Auto mode and a Max mode. While using Auto mode, the power will vary depending on dirt levels on the cleaning surface.
What is the input voltage? Can this be charged with 220V?
The input voltage is 120V for the United States and Canada, 100-240V for Europe regions and 110V for Japan.
How do I charge my battery?
The Tineco PURE ONE S4 is equipped with charing base. Put the host directly into the charging stand, and connect the power cord of the charging stand to the socket at home.
How do I store my vacuum?
We recommend storing the vacuum on the charging base. It can charge machine and also store 2 extra tools.
Where can I purchase additional accessories or replacement parts?
You can purchase additional accessories or replacement parts on Amazon. Please follow the link to see what is available.
What's the function of each accessory that comes with the PURE ONE S4?
1. Gap cleaning brush: suitable for cleaning small gaps in cars, rooms or irregular surfaces, such as car seat cushions, car floor mats, wall corners, etc.; 2. Soft-bristle combination brush: The soft-bristle brush is suitable for cleaning the surface of the desktop, stool and window. Push the soft brush into an electrostatic brush, suitable for cleaning soft materials, such as curtains and fabric sofas; 3. Pet brush: suitable for cleaning pet hair.
How do I empty the dustbin?
After stopping the machine, open the handle and slide forward, the filter element is automatically cleaned, and the bottom cover of the dust bucket is automatically opened to pour out the dirt.
How often does the dustbin need to be emptied?
Generally, we recommend you to empty the the dustbin before it reaches the "MAX" line.
Can the battery pack be replaced?
No, the Pure One S4 battery is not detachable.
How long should I charge the battery?
Before your first use, please charge the appliance for 3-4 hours. The PURE ONE S4 has the battery protection function which allows it to stop charging once it reaches full capacity. If you do not use your vacuum for long periods of time, we recommend keeping the battery charged to at least 50% once every 3 months.
The power adapter of the machine is missing, can I use another adapter to charge it?
No, the charging voltage and current of different machines are different. The adapter chip contains a customized charging protection program, which can not be used at will. It is recommended to contact our after-sales service.
How to switch between the power mode and the automatic mode of the smart model?
The power-on defaults to automatic mode. In this mode, touch the "Auto/Strong" button to switch the host from automatic mode to strong mode; In the power mode, touch the "Auto/Power" button again to switch the host from the power mode back to the automatic mode. You can switch between powerful mode and automatic mode according to actual needs.

Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
Debbie Vellucvi
Great piece

Love that I use it anywhere

Great product

The mini has great suction and is light weight and easy to operate. The boost power is a great feature. The design is attractive. I highly recommend.

Nice little vacuum!

I have had this vacuum for about a year now. The most cases I need to use it:

- pick up cats fur from my desk

- clean some cat litter tracings

- sudden debris spills (repotting plants etc)

- vacuuming not-so-easy to move gear and cables

I did find that regular mode doesn't really clean those things as great as I want, so I exclusively run it on MAX, and it is very powerful. Nothing falls out back from the vacuum. Of course, it exhausts the battery faster, but not a problem in my case, I usually don't need a long duration.

I had a few minor problems along the way, but customer service was very helpful and was able to solve those problems for me.

Would recommend it for a similar style of usage.

Great mini vac.

Excellent. Has many functions. I have 2 labs, which means plenty of cleanup. This is my favorite tool.

Teresa N
I love this vacuum!

This is the best little vacuum, it is light, a nice style so I can even leave it out on the countertop to charge, powerful as well. I highly recommend it!

Very convenient.

This is a recent purchase and I just love it. It is great for getting up all the things tracked into the house from our dog and I don’t have to pull out the big vacuum.

Tineco PURE ONE MINI S4 Smart Handheld Vacuum

$99.99 $149.99
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