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TINECO CARPET ONE Smart Carpet Cleaner


Heated Wash Better Cleaning

Tineco Carpet Cleaner has a PTC heater and a temperature controller which can blow hot air to keep the water at 104°F, eliminating stains more quickly and revitalizing your carpet after every wash within our professional carpet solution.

Residue Free Strong Suction

Tineco Carpet One’s 1300 W motor generates 130 AW of useful suction force to effectively clean carpets and remove water droplets. Additionally, better bristles effectively remove deeply entrenched dirt, stains, and smells from the carpet.

Smart Carpet Cleaner

The smart dust sensor determines how unclean the carpet is and optimizes suction and water flow for a smarter, more efficient cleaning. LED screen provides real-time cleaning status. Red signifies dirty and blue represents clean.

Quick Drying

The machine dries cleaned carpets with a 167°F wind using a special DRY-ONLY mode. A Dryness Meter on the display screen of this machine keeps you informed of the carpet's state of dryness. Drying process research was done at our lab. *Depending on the circumstances, household outcomes may differ.

Portable and Light Weight

Tineco smart carpet cleaner cleans beyond carpet. With an extra hose and stain-remover tool, you can easily clean upholstery, carpeted stairs, automobile interiors, and other hard-to-reach locations.

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Can I use the appliance to vacuum relatively large debris such as cornflakes and pet food?
The carpet cleaner is designed to remove water-soluble stains, not debris.
Can I use the appliance to clean my floor?
It can only be used to clean carpets, not the floor or other hard surfaces. Otherwise, it may scratch your floor.
Is the appliance cordless or corded?
It's corded.
What are the capacities of the Clean Water Tank and the Dirty Water Tank?
The Clean Water Tank has a capacity of 2 liters, and the Dirty Water Tank 1.7 liters.
How long is the power cord?
6.5 meters.
Can the appliance clean itself?
How often should I clean the Brush Roller?
We advise to clean the Brush Roller after each use.
What is the suction power of the appliance when water and foreign objects are sucked in?
It has a constant suction power of 120W.
How much cleaning solution do I need for cleaning?
Unscrew the cap of the cleaning solution bottle, add two caps of cleaning solution to the Clean Water Tank, and then add clean water to the max line of the Clean Water Tank.
Is there any specific requirement for water temperature?
The water temperature should be between 41°F to 140°F (5°C to 60°C), and regular tap water should do just fine. Do not use hot water to avoid damaging the internal pipes of the cleaner.
Can I adjust the water spray level?
Carpet One (Pro) has two water spray levels: Low and Max. Water output is controlled manually: Press the button on the handle to release water, and let go to stop.
Can I use the appliance to clean pet hair?
The Brush Roller is so ingeniously designed that it can vacuum pet hair into the Dirty Water Tank.
Can pet hair get jammed in the Brush Roller?
Rarely. The Brush Roller is large enough to avoid getting jammed with pet hair. If the Brush Roller does get jammed, simply take it out from the holder and remove the hair with the cleaning tool to solve the problem.
Do I need to use distilled water?
Distilled water is not needed.
How often should I wash or replace the Brush Roller?
It is recommended to clean the Brush Roller after each use, and replace it every six to eight months depending on how often you use it.
Can I use another brand's solution?
No. Doing so may cause damage to the appliance.
How long does it take for a cleaned carpet to dry?
It takes about 30 minutes when Dry Mode is on. (Data provided by the Tineco Laboratory)
How long is the accessory hose?
3 meters.
What is the difference between the iCarpet and Carpet One (Pro) display?
iCarpet shows the following information (in black and white): Operation Mode, Dirty Water Tank Full, Clean Water Tank Empty, Brush Roller Blocked (Jammed). Carpet One also shows (in color) the Water Spray Level. Carpet One Pro uses animation to show (in color) its status and operating instructions.

Customer Reviews

Based on 65 reviews
Philip Schlageter

TINECO CARPET ONE Smart Carpet Cleaner

Mary Frances Haake
Great Shampooer - Just the right size, features and power!

I live in smallish cape cod (story and a half), and my new Tineco Carpet One thoroughly cleaned every carpet - stairs, rooms, tight corners. Love the hose attachment to get my stair carpeting so clean! Really a great purchase.

Julie Urso
Excellent cleaner!

This machine works SO well! It’s easy to use, and does such a better job that other cleaners I have had. I highly recommend!

John Mayer
First time carpet cleaner buyer

Easy to set up and use. I watched a couple of YouTube videos before starting.
Impressed with how much dirt is being extracted, as can be seen when emptying the dirty water tank. I selected Tineco b/c the NYT called it the best.

Melissa Kozal
This really works!

My parents gifted this to me as an early Christmas gift and with an aging Husky/lab mix, it was much needed! My house has new carpet in it, but with 6 months of wear and tear from the dog it was getting pretty dirty. This machine got all the spots out and the odors that were beginning to form too. The smart dial that changes colors to show how dirty an area is worked well, I was able to really concentrate on that spot until it was clean. 5 stars!

Ken Haisch
About the easiest carpet cleaner to use

Fill the tank with a couple caps of solution and water. Plug it in, turn it on, roll it over the carpet, clean the dirty water tank, and then put it away.

TINECO CARPET ONE Smart Carpet Cleaner

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