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Tineco FLOOR ONE S7 PRO Smart Wet Dry Vacuum Cleaner

$579.00 $799.00

Balanced-pressure Water Flow System

A completely clean floor with continuous fresh water washing and efficient dirty water recycling, at a constant 450 times/min. 

Effortless Use

Whether pushing forward or pulling back, FLOOR ONE S7 PRO assists you by detecting the movement of the rear wheels and assisting you with the SmoothPower bi-directional self-propulsion system.

Up To 40 Minutes Of Runtime

Both clean & dirty water and battery power are constantly adjusted by Tineco iLoop, meaning FLOOR ONE S7 PRO allows you to clean 40 minutes with less refilling, less emptying, and less recharging.

Dual-sided Edge Cleaning

Clean along baseboards and into hard-to-reach corners, to within 1cm on both sides. No more places missed when cleaning around the home. 

3.6” LCD Full Screen

Full-size LCD screen with helpful Tineco Assistant guides you through the cleaning process; from quick start-ups to real-time working status.

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The tineco wet dry vacuum cleaner provides effortless power, deep hygiene, in an easy pass.

MHCBS™ Technology
Rinse with fresh water
Rinse with fresh water

Tineco S7 pro vacuum cleaner wet and dry always cleans with fresh water,which is evenly dispersed,the brush roller stays clean while washing the floors. The floors are only clean if the brush is clean.

High-speed washing
High-speed washing

As the best cordless wet and dry vacuum cleaner for home, the Tineco floor one S7 Pro's brush roller continuously washes with 450 revolutions per minute, providing users with clean floors and great customer service.

Constantly wrings dirty water
Constantly wrings dirty water

The unique floating scraper “squeezes” the dirty roller with each revolution, these steps always keep the cleaning tool to remove the hair tangle from the brush roller,thus getting rid of dirty water and deep cleaning the brush roll.

Immediate suction of dirt
Immediate suction of dirt

Self cleaning wet dry vacuum tineco S7 pro is designed with a flat tube, the dirty water is quickly sucked back up into the dirty water tank, helping the user to empty the dirty water tank faster.

Thorough self-cleaning for easy maintenance

Deep-cleans the brush roller & tube, and then uses centrifugal drying to effectively remove water.

SmoothPower self-propulsion system

Whether pushing forward or pulling back, FLOOR ONE S7 PRO assists your movement and ensures cleaning is easier than ever, effortless use with smoothpower self propulsion system.

Dual-sided enhanced edge cleaning

No more gaps, portable wet dry vacuum cleaner tineco floor one S7 pro no more missed places when moving around your home.

Centrifugal Air Drying

The ultimate cleaning solution for removing water effectively and maintain hygienic & less-odor living.

Why should choose Tineco smart floor washer?

Handheld wet dry vacuum cleaner without Tineco iLoop™ Smart Sensor technology, you will experience cleaning with less efficiency and more interruption.
With Tineco iLoop™ Smart Sensor, you are ensured with longer runtime, larger cleaning area and less interruption.

Up to 40 minutes of runtime

Allow you to clean a larger area with no interruptions, less refilling, less emptying, and less recharging.

3.6” full LCD screen interaction
3.6” full LCD screen interaction

Like the Tineco STATION FURFREE detects the level of debris in real time, suction power and water flow automatically adjust to your mess, the Tineco S7 PRO is equipped with an LCD screen that guides you through the cleaning process and automatically adjusts suction; from quick start-ups to real-time working status. Choose from Auto mode, Ultra, Suction, Max Mode for different messes and scenarios.

Streak-free drying

Streak-free drying

Wet and dry vacuum cleaner cleans with clean water tank and leave floors instantly dry.Rely on the best wet dry vacuum cleaner to say goodbye to the traditional mop forever.

Convenient Storage
Convenient Storage

A minimalist docking station allows for neat and tidy self-cleaning and fully charged. Fresh and dirty water tanks allow you to clean larger areas without interruption.

Cleaning Solution
Cleaning Solution

For Tineco all cordless wet dry vacuum machines, like FLOOR ONE S3, FLOOR ONE S5, FLOOR ONE S6, FLOOR ONE S7 COMBO, FLOOR ONE S7 PRO and more.

Customer Reviews

Based on 46 reviews
Indiana Gal
Tineco Floor One S7 Pro, Just Buy it!

First, order direct from Tineco as I received a regular S7 twice from Amazon. Believe me, reboxing the S7 twice was work:) Just as all of the reviewers before me, I did extensive research due to the cost of the S7 Pro as well as being my first vac mop I want it to last. Second, I love the larger LCD control screen. There was enough charge to go through the tutorial. Even though I could recite all of its features, it was good to do the hands on step by step. Then I was off to do my first clean. The dual edge really worked on all of my baseboards which is a first with any vac I've had. As other reviewers have mentioned, I was impressed at the floor just being slightly damp after. I will say since I have LVP, I do have to run the S7 Pro in the same direction as the 'grain' so that the vac mop picks up in those grooves. I did receive a warning to clean the brush roll and found I had picked up a string, nice to know to resolve before I did all of the hard surfaces. It is quiet, effective, and easy to maintain. The 2-minute self-clean cycle well cleans the roller, pipe and tank. I really like it uses the electrolyzed water. Just make sure you have 40% water level in the clean water tank to start it. You do have to make sure you clean the dirty water tank and air out components. I'm OK with this extra 10 minutes as it is good to have a clean unit ready for the next time. I like that it ensures I do these maintenance steps. It has been easy for me to put that off to later. I highly recommend the S7 Pro. Just don't buy it through Amazon until they clear out their incorrect inventory. In the pics attached, I included the control screen as I found a clear view on line was difficult to find. Happy vac mopping without lugging out mops and pails.

Janet Besperka

Tineco FLOOR ONE S7 PRO Smart Wet Dry Vacuum Cleaner


so far so good we love our Tineco! With three dogs that shed bring dirt in constantly and are making a mess. My wooden floors have never looked better. My house looks cleaner and definitely smells better.

First Tineco
Tineco Floor One S7 Pro

I ordered this vac mop so that I didn't have to vacuum and then turn around and mop my floors. I do feel that it gets my floors very clean and I love the clean/dirty indicator.

However, there are some downsides:
1. While I am cleaning my floors, it will stop and say it needs to be cleaned. This means I have to stop, put in back on the base and let it self clean.
2. I have also noticed the charge goes down quicker than I thought it would. When it reaches 20% it will notify you to put it back on the charger.
3. It does not charge quickly. I thought it would take a couple of hours to charge, but it actually takes several hours. There have been times when I had to stop, put it back on the charger and finish mopping the next day.
4. Sometimes, I'm not sure how accurate the dirty/clean indicator is. When it is red, I will let it stay on that spot and most of the time it will turn blue. There have been a few times when I keep it there or move it back and forth over the same spot that the red will go down, but then it goes back up. Usually, when this happens, I put it on the base for self-cleaning. After it is finished I go back over the spot and it will go from red to blue.

Overall, I am very happy with it.

Lindsey Hall
Great vacuum mop

I gave four stars only because it doesn’t get as close to the edge as i would like it to. But it washes and dries my floors amazing!!!! No streaks! I love my Tineco!!!

A Florida
So far a home run !

Recently delivered my TINECO FLOOR ONE S7 PRO Smart Wet Dry Vacuum Cleaner. So far used it twice and very impressed. I was a little afraid that its maybe a lot to learn but not at all. I like the fact that the voice prompt informs you when the clean water tank needs refilling and the dirty water tank needs to be cleaned. Unlike another unit I own the Bissel Hydrosteam Crosswave Hard Floor Cleaner that you have to keep on checking yourself which can be annoying. Treat yourself to this TINECO. Yes it is expensive but worth it. It sure beats the old method of vacuuming your floor first then mop and wait for it to dry which can take a long while. Not with the Tineco. Oh yes...not to mention the self cleaning feature which allows you to choose 2 minute self cleaning and a longer self cleaning option that not only cleans the brush roller but also the tube ! The ultra mode is also nice where you only need water and no cleaning formula required...which saves $...So far a home run!

Tineco FLOOR ONE S7 PRO Smart Wet Dry Vacuum Cleaner

$579.00 $799.00
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Product Name
Floor One S7 Pro
Compatible Floor Type
Bare Floor
iLoop™ Smart Sensor
MHCBS Technology
4 (Auto / Max / Ultra / Suction)
Display Screen
Voice Assistant
Edge Cleaning
Dual side
Clean Water Tank
Dirty Water Tank
One-Touch Self-Clean
Self Propulsion Direction (power assistance)
Forward & backward
Up to 40 min
Charging Time
4-5 hrs
Headlights on brush head
Net Weight
5.13 kg