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    New Release
    Tineco FLOOR ONE S7 COMBO Smart Wet Dry Vacuum Cleaner

    5 in 1 Smart Multi-Function Cleaner

    The ultimate replacement for traditional vacuum cleaners, providing an effective solution for tackling wet garbage, dry oily stains, and other messes that vacuum cleaners can't handle. Equipped with cutting-edge floor washer and vacuum cleaner technology ever, it effortlessly takes on everyday stains and messes.

    Easily Switch in Seconds for Whole-House Cleaning

    Easily switches between floor washer and vacuum, providing the ultimate and most versatile solution for whole-house cleaning, including kitchen and bathrooms. Various attachments are included for soft surfaces, crevices, and high-reach areas.

    Continuous Clean-Brush Washing via MHCBSTM Technology

    Keep your floors spotless with the MHCBSTM technology which efficiently recycles dirty water with adhering scraper component and constantly washes with fresh water at a constant 450 times/min.

    Effectively Prevents Tangling with ZeroTangleTM Brush

    The specially-designed brush effectively targets hair messes and pet fur without wrapping, making the brush even easier to clean. Vacuuming hairs both long and short is now a breeze!

    The Upgraded Self-Cleaning System for Thorough Cleaning

    Fresh water is used to thoroughly deep-clean the brush roller and tubing. The brush panel lowers to fit against the roller, ensuring a deep clean and leaving no trace of dirt or debris. The brush roller rotates in both directions and utilizes centrifugal air drying to make the brush fluffier and drier, while also reducing odors.

    Battery Lifespan Improved by 100%

    The upgraded pouch cell ensures that S7 combo maintains its exceptional cleaning power for an extended duration. Compared to other batteries, the battery lifespan is extended 3-fold, allowing for prolonged usage.

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 1 review

    At first, I was a bit confused whether this included one or two vacuums because the pictures show it in so many different side-by-side configurations. This actually includes two different items: (1) a cordless standard vacuum; and (2) a cordless wet/dry vacuum. Each vacuum is a complete product, except that this only includes 1 battery that you have to share between both vacuums. I’ll start off by listing the cons:

    1. Only the larger wet/dry vacuum includes a charging base or a way to charge the battery. That means you need to remove the battery from the smaller vacuum and install it on the wet/dry vacuum whenever you want to charge it. The smaller vacuum doesn’t even include a charging port so there’s no way to charge the battery while it is connected to the smaller vacuum.

    2. There's no option to get a second battery. I think it would be better to include two batteries with this product (1 per vacuum) and include a charging port on both. If not, then at least include an option to buy a second battery. There’s no option to separately buy a battery for the second vacuum.

    3. There’s no bristles on the wet/dry vacuum’s roller brush. Other wet/dry vacuums include hard bristles to clean between cracks on uneven surfaces. This wet/dry vacuum isn’t very good at cleaning uneven surfaces because it can’t reach between the cracks. I have another wet/dry corded vacuum that is much better between cracks.

    4. The battery is pretty heavy. The vacuum runs a really long time which is great, but the downside here is a pretty hefty battery. The battery includes a built-in digital video screen that displays instructions when operating the vacuums.

    5. The language button is on the back handle. The vacuum gives you audible instructions while you are operating it. The button to switch languages is in a weird place where it always gets pressed by accident and the vacuum then starts speaking in another language and you have to push it 10 times to get it back to English.

    6. There’s no wall mount option for the smaller vacuum. In terms of operation, cleaning, and available attachments, it works similarly to a comparable dyson vacuum.

    7. The battery takes a really long time to recharge, like more than 4 hours.

    Also, here are something things that I liked about these vacuums:

    1. There's no need to hold down the button to keep it running. You just push the start switch once and it stays on and keeps vacuuming until you push it again to turn it off. You can also change the mode selector without switching it off (e.g., auto, max, or ultra). The auto mode automatically adjusts the suction power based on how much dirt it senses the vacuum picking up).

    2. Both vacuums include a headlight to see under tables or in dark areas.

    3. Really good battery run time even on ultra mode.

    4. Both vacuums fully and easily dissemble without needing any tools for easy cleaning.

    5. The battery power is well adjusted to the size of the water reservoir. The battery lasts just long enough to fully empty the cleaning solution reservoir. Also, the dirty water bin is large enough that you can go through an entire cycle without having to empty it. Basically, there’s a tank for clean water and for dirty water, and you can go through an entire clean water tank without having to recharge the battery or empty the dirty water tank.

    6. The wet/dry vac has a self-cleaning mode for the roller brush. However, by the time you finish cleaning the battery is usually too low to run the self-clean mode, and it’s not worth letting it sit for an hour for the self-clean mode on the roller, since you still have to clean all the rest of the parts manually.

    7. The video screen on the battery is unexpected, and it tells you what mode you are in and gives you pointers on using the vacuum. The vacuum also includes speakers and speaks to you.

    In summary, this is a pretty high-tech cordless vacuum set. It includes a wet/dry vacuum for deep cleaning, and a standard dry vacuum for daily use. It’s inconvenient that there’s no way to charge the daily use vacuum without having to remove the battery and install it on the wet/dry vacuum. The battery is really good in terms of runtime, but the wet/dry vacuum is not the most powerful out there and it struggles with cleaning dirt on uneven surfaces much more than other units I’ve used. I really like that both units are cordless and use AI features to automatically adjust the speed during vacuuming to save battery life.