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    Consumables that your vacuums need, such as Filter & HEPA, Solution, and etc.
    • $31.99

      Tineco S11/A11/A10 Series Replacement Filter & Filter Cleaning Tool Kit

      Ever-ready Kit: 2 pcs Pre Filter and 1pc Rinse-free Filter-cleaning Tool, for Tineco A10/A11 Hero/Master, always ready to get your suction back. A...

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    • $22.99

      Tineco S11/A11/A10 Series Filter Cleaning Tool

      1pc Tineco filter cleaning tool Easy Task: Take the filter-cleaning from tedious to a 10sec easy task. Lossless Suction: Dirty filter cause suctio...

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      Tineco PURE ONE S12 Series Automatic Pre-Filter Cleaning Tool

      Designed specifically for the Tineco PURE ONE S12 Series. Smart Rinse-free Filter Self Cleaning Tool to ensure persistent suction and longer durab...

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