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    New Release
    Tineco FLOOR ONE S7 Steam Smart Wet Dry Vacuum Cleaner

    3-in-1 Vacuum, Mop and Steam – Clean Up in One Step

    Clean and sanitize your hard floors simultaneously to achieve a deep clean while cutting your cleaning time in half.

    Eliminate Tough Messes with 140° C Steam

    Hot, 140° C (284° F) steam melts away grease and stains, while a soft roller gently cleanses floors with fresh water for a thorough clean. Two steam modes effectively tackle various types of tough stains.

    Continuous Clean-Brush Washing with MHCBS™ System 

    Keep your floors spotless with the MHCBSTM system. It efficiently recycles dirty water with a reliable internal brush scraper, continually washing and rinsing with fresh water at a constant 450 rotations per minute (RPMs).

    Cordless, Lightweight, Self-Propelling Cleaning

    The cordless and lightweight design with self-propulsion gives you complete freedom to clean wherever and whenever you want, without virtually no restrictions or fatigue.

    Multiple Self-Cleaning Systems

    Use fresh water and MHCBSTMheated steam to deep-clean and sanitize the brush roller and tubing thoroughly, along with centrifugal drying that effectively removes water to prevent recontamination.


    Deep hygiene with 140℃ Steam

    Stains Get Instantly Eradicated 

    Don't settle for anything less than the power of superheated steam.

    Efficient Steam Cleaning

    The experiment compared the number of times the stains were cleaned.

    2 Steam Modes

    No matter what type of stain, FLOOR ONE S7 STEAM removes it – leaving your floors looking spotless and new.

    Erase Muddy Footprints with Ease

    Effortlessly tackle tough-to-handle stains, even from outdoors, as the S7 STEAM swiftly cleans and disinfects, guaranteeing a spotless and hygienic floor

    Safely Conquer Pet Stains

    Don't let pet stains stress you out! S7 STEAM effortlessly tackles and sanitizes pet messes without compromising your family's health.

    Self-Cleaning System

    Clean, Sanitize and Dry After Every Use

    Germ-Free Cleaning: Pet and Child Safety Assured

    140° C steam effortlessly eliminates bacteria, providing a worry-free, germ-free living environment – great for families with babies and pets.

    Why choose tineco

    Every floor cleaning gets done with a clean brush roller and 140° C steam. That’s right, the S7 STEAM will

    floor cleaner safe for pets

    Why SHOULD choose Tineco smart floor washer ?

    Wet dry vacuum cleaner without Tineco iLoop™Smart Sensor technology, you will experience cleaning with less efficiency and more interruption.

    hardwood floor cleaning machine

    Why SHOULD choose Tineco smart floor washer ?

    With TINECO iLoopTM Smart Sensor, you are ensured with longer runtime, larger cleaning area and less interruption.

    vacuum that cleans hardwood floors

    FLOOR ONE S7 Steam

    Deep Cleaning with 284℉ Steam

    100% Fairtrade Cocoa

    3-in-1: Vacuum. Mop. Steam.

    Natural Ingredients

    284° F 

    Heated Steam

    100% Palm Oil Free

    2 Steam 


    Closed Process


    Sterilization Rate

    tineco s7 pro - MHCBS™ Technology

    Stains Get Instantly Eradicated

    Don't settle for anything less than the power of super-

    heated steam. 

    Self-Cleaning System

    Clean, Sanitize and Dry After Every Use

    MHCBSTM Technology

    Constant Clean-Brush Washing

    Upgraded Floating Scraper

    Brush Roller Life Extended by 25%

    Why SHOULD choose Tineco smart floor washer ?

    Without TINECO iLoopTM Smart Sensor, you will struggle to manage your vacuum or mop efficiency. Clean will require much more effort and more interruptions.

    vacuum cleaner for hardwood floors

    Deep Cleaning Made Easy

    Clean and sanitize your entire home with a lightweight & 

    cordless steam floor washer. It's easy to maneuver and ready 

    for use whenever wherever you need it

    Enhanced Dual-sided Edge Cleaning

    Cleans baseboards and hard-to-reach corners 

    within 0.20 inches on both sides, leaving no gaps 

    or missed messes.

    best cleaner hardwood floors-3.6” Full LCD Screen Interaction

    3.6” full LCD screen interaction

    LCD screen with Tineco Assistant guides you through the cleaning process and automatically adjusts suction; from quick start-ups to real-time working status. Choose from Auto, Ultra, Suction, Max Mode for different messes and scenarios. 

    best floor cleaning solution

    Scale Removal System for Intense Steamg

    Enjoy enduring steam cleaning with the scale removal system which effectively prevents scale buildup caused by high temperatures.

    diy wood floor cleaner

    Light the way into every nook

    Equipped with an LED headlight, the brush head lets you easily clean under furniture and in tight spaces by illuminating your cleaning path.

    floor wood cleaner-Cleaning Solution

    Quick Drying with No Streaks

    Leaves your floors completely dry and streak-free in minutes – no more waiting all day for floors to dry.

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 2 reviews

    Love it !

    Barbara Tagaban
    It’s okay

    I had a floor S5 for a short time. I wanted the S7 because I just got a mini Yorkie and live in Alaska. I was so excited to receive it. Everyone says I should be a Tineco salesperson! However