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    Meet Our Smart CARPET Series - The Best Choice To Refresh Your Beloved Carpet!

     High-power suction. HeatedWash™. PowerDry. iLoop™. DrynessMeter.


    • Heated Washing Better Cleaning - With PTC heater and temperature controller, water is kept at a temperature of 104°F and stains are removed faster. Revitalize your carpet with every wash.
    • Residue-free Powerful Suction - The 1300W motor generates a useful suction power of 130 AW to effectively clean carpets and remove water droplets. 
    • Intelligent Dust Sensor - The intelligent dust sensor detects the dirt level of the carpet and optimizes the suction power and water flow for more efficient cleaning.
    • LED Screen- Displays cleaning status in real time. Red indicates dirty and blue indicates clean.
    • Fast Drying - The machine dries cleaned carpets with a 167°F wind in a special DRY-ONLY mode. A dryness meter on the screen of this machine informs you about the dryness status of the carpet.
    • Lightweight Design - Makes it easy to use in any household cleaning scene.

    Floor cleaning and maintenance is essential for many households. Yet the cleaning of textiles is often not considered because it is either too complicated or too expensive. Hiring a professional carpet cleaning company is one solution for many households, but is often extremely pricey. But now, with the Tineco CARPET ONE, everyone can clean their carpets – and most upholstery fabrics – like a pro!
    Like all models in the Tineco ONE-Series, the CARPET ONE carpet cleaner is equipped with the brand's proprietary technology, the iLoop Smart Sensor. This sensor detects dirt and automatically applies the necessary suction power and hydration for effective cleaning. It guides users through the cleaning journey with a display screen and voice prompts.

    In addition to cleaning carpets, the Tineco CARPET ONE comes equipped with an extension tube and stain treatment attachment for cleaning upholstery, stairs, and other hard-to-reach areas.

    This product series includes the Tineco CARPET ONE PRO, equipped with an advanced LCD screen displaying vivid animations, and the Tineco iCARPET, an equally powerful carpet cleaner. 

    TINECO CARPET ONE PRO Smart Carpet Cleaner
    Tineco iCARPET Carpet Cleaner

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    • No Cord, No Hassle
    • Set and Go with Spot Mode
    • Tineco iLoop™ Smart Sensor Technology
    • Multi-surface Cleaning
    • Self-cleaning for Both Brush and Hose
    • 70 dB(A) Quite Operation

    The experts recommend that you deep clean all your carpets once a year. But if you have allergies or pets, deep clean once every six months.
    Now, the CARPET ONE Spot is here just in time for Spring! It will effectively clean stained, dirty spots on a variety of surfaces including carpets, upholstery, stairs, or car interior. With the innovative Spot Mode and Tineco’s proprietary iLoop™ Smart Sensor Technology, the device will detect, scrub and remove tough stains all by itself, without the need for frequent, manual scrubbing to clean the area. Based on the mess detected, the lightweight device automatically adjusts the roller speed and water flow to deliver a confident clean.

    Additional core features include:
    1. Cordless and Portable: With up to 40 minutes of runtime to tackle larger areas, users can easily transport the wireless device wherever the mess is located.
    2. Two Surface Settings and Three Smart Modes: This portable machine precisely targets any need. For a serious step up in convenience, users select either carpet or upholstery, then use Auto, Spot, or Suction modes for the type and level of cleaning needed.
    3. Self-Cleaning Capabilities: The CARPET ONE Spot plugs into the cleaning dock to uniquely remove dirt and odor from both the hoses and brushes to ensure the unit is clean and ready to tackle the next mess.
    4. Intuitive LED Screen & Voice Prompts: The LED screen will turn from red to blue to indicate the area is fully clean. When the cleaning job is done, voice prompts will alert the user, too.
    5. Compact Design: The compact, thoughtful design makes for easy charging and storage.

    “As we continue to innovate floor care solutions that make tackling life’s messes easier, we’re excited to be expanding our suite of carpet cleaner products with the launch of CARPET ONE Spot,” saied b Todd Manegold, General Manager of Tineco North America. “Featuring unparalleled technologies, such as a unique Spot Mode and a more thorough self-cleaning function, we expect consumers to love our ‘Spot’ – especially parents and pet owners.”