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Tineco Stars select for you

Thanksgiving Day Tips for selecting

Tineco S7 range of products: the ultimate cleaning experience

⭐FLOOR ONE S7 COMBO, as a five-in-one smart multi-function cleaning tool, is ideal for cleaning floors, carpets, furniture, and even car interiors.

⭐FLOOR ONE S7 STEAM relies on high-temperature steam of 140°C (284° F) to melt grease and stains, and uses a soft roller to gently clean the floor with clean water. The two steam modes can effectively remove various stubborn stains and better meet the cleaning needs of maternal and infant families and pet families.

⭐FLOOR ONE S7 PRO also uses our revolutionary iLoop smart sensor technology and constant pressure living water cleaning technology, which can automatically adjust the suction power according to different floor types and garbage types. Besides, with large-capacity clean and waste water tank designs, you can say goodbye to messy and time-consuming cleaning processes.

During our Black Friday deals you can buy the Tineco S7 range at a discount, making it the perfect time to invest in this high-end cleaning tool.

Tineco S5 range: excellent value for money

If you are looking for a cost-effective cleaning tool without compromising on quality and performance, then the Tineco S5 Series 




is your perfect choice. These lightweight and powerful floor scrubbers deliver outstanding cleaning results at an affordable price. The Tineco S5 range features features such as LED lights for improved visibility, anti-tangle roller brushes, smart voice and easy operation to make your daily cleaning more convenient and efficient. With Black Friday discounts of up to 33% off, you can get these amazing products at even lower prices.

Making cleaning routine efficient and effective

⭐Create a schedule:  stay on track and avoid clutter buildup. 

⭐Declutter regularly: this will make the cleaning process go much smoother.

⭐Use the right tools: Using the right tools for different surfaces and areas can make a huge difference in your cleaning results. The Tineco S7 Series and Tineco S5 Series come with a variety of accessories designed for different surfaces and needs, making any cleaning task easier for you.

⭐Get the whole family involved: Do not let all the burden of cleaning fall on one person.

⭐Focus on high-traffic areas: Focus on high-traffic areas like living rooms, kitchens, and bathrooms. These spaces get dirty most easily and require more frequent cleaning. Tineco S7 series and Tineco S5 series can help you deeply clean every corner of the house.

-Follow a top-to-bottom approach: When cleaning a room, work from top to bottom. This way, any dust or dirt that falls out will be picked up as you walk.