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    • Separates clean & dirty water

      3-In-1 Vacuum, Mop And Steam – Clean Up In One Step

      Clean and sanitize your hard floors simultaneously to achieve a deep clean while cutting your cleaning time in half.

    • Hands-free wringing

      Continuous Clean-Brush Washing With MHCBS™ System 

      Keep your floors spotless with the MHCBSTM system. It efficiently recycles dirty water with a reliable internal brush scraper, continually washing and rinsing with fresh water at a constant 450 rotations per minute (RPMs).

    • Removes 99% of bacteria**

      Eliminate Tough Messes With 140° C Steam

      Hot, 140° C (284° F) steam melts away grease and stains, while a soft roller gently cleanses floors with fresh water for a thorough clean. Two steam modes effectively tackle various types of tough stains.

    - 5999900 %
    TINECO CARPET ONE PRO Smart Carpet Cleaner
    - 3699900 %
    Tineco A11 Pet EX Cordless Stick Vacuum

    🎄Revolutionize your cleaning routine🎄

    • Self-Clean from Brush to Dustbin

    • Charge

    • Detect 

    • Storage

    - 1999900 %
    Tineco Pure ONE Air Cordless Vacuum Cleaner
    - 44 %
    Tineco TOASTY ONE Smart Toaster
    - 50 %
    Tineco MODA ONE Smart Ionic Hair Dryer

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