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Tineco FLOOR ONE S5 Steam Smart Wet Dry Vacuum Cleaner with Steam

$399.99 $449.99

Clean and Steam Floors in One Step

Cut your cleaning time in half with the FLOOR ONE S5 Steam! Featuring Tineco’s proprietary iLoop Smart Sensor Technology, this advanced cleaner automatically adjusts suction power, brush roller speed, and water flow for incredibly efficient cleaning.

Tackles Stuck-on Messes

The high temperature steam melts away stuck-on grease and stains. A soft roller gently cleans the floor with fresh water, providing a thorough clean with ease.

Continuous Fresh Water Cleaning

The dual-tank system keeps clean and dirty water separate for continuous cleaning with fresh water. No more pushing around dirty water like with a traditional mop.

Steam Self-Cleaning for Odor-Free Maintenance

High temperature steam emanates to clean the brush head after use. The process is odor-free, hands-free, and quick-drying.

Uninterrupted Cleaning with Bigger Tanks

Higher capacity clean and dirty water tanks allow you to clean larger areas without interruption.

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The all-natural way to vacuum, wash, and steam, the tineco vacuum steam cleaner is suitable for all floor types.

Wash & Steam Together

You can cut your cleaning time in half with the mop and vacuum in one Tineco Floor One S5 Steam, the best cordless wet and dry vacuum cleaner for home, which utilizes the natural power of steam to powerfully clean fine dust and sanitize in one step.

Real Fresh Water Cleaning System

The tineco cordless wet dry vacuum cleaner ensures floors are washed with a clean roller brush.

Conquer Stuck-on Messes with Steam

Press the steam button of the tineco vacuum mop, and 30 seconds later, the steam setting for a deeper clean. The high-temperature steam of the wet & dry vacuum cleaner will melt away stuck-on grease and stains. Meanwhile, a soft roller of the tineco floor cleaner gently cleans the floor with fresh water, providing deep cleaning with ease.

Quick Drying with No Streaks

As vacuum cleaner wet dry, the tineco steam mop vacuum leaves your floors completely dry and streak-free in a matter of minutes. With this steam cleaner vacuum, you don't need to wait for steamed floors to dry!

Self-Cleaning for an Odor-Free Experience

The vacuum cleaner with steam cleaning features strong suction power, automatically removing dirt and debris from the brush roller and tube, providing hands-free maintenance. High-temperature steam of the tineco steam and vacuum cleaner emanates to clean the brush head after use and realize quick self-drying.

Centrifugal Air Drying

After self-cleaning, centrifugal Air Drying of the steam cleaning vaccum is the ultimate solution for removing water effectively and maintaining hygiene & less-odor living.

Clean with Confidence

The tineco vacuum and mop is equipped with a smart iLoop display. You can monitor your mess with it. The iLoop ring on the full-color LED screen of the steam and vaccum cleaner changes from red to blue when your floor is clean.

Why Should Choose Tineco Smart Floor Washer?

With Tineco iLoop™ Smart Sensor, you will effectively manage your tineco wet dry vacuum, making cleaning more efficient and eliminating unnecessary interruptions.

Continuous Fresh Water Cleaning
Continuous Fresh Water Cleaning

The dual tank system of the tineco floor mop keeps clean and dirty water separate for continuous cleaning with fresh water. Unlike traditional mop, with the tineco steamer vacuum cleaner, you don't need to push around dirty and bacteria-soaked water. You’ll enjoy a fresh, clean atmosphere wherever it’s used.

Enhanced Maneuverability
Enhanced Maneuverability

The ergonomically design tineco S5 Steam features swivel steering, optimized height, and an easy-to-grip handle for easy maneuverability and maximum comfort. TINECO FLOOR ONE S5 Steam does the hard work for you.

Quick Drying with No Streaks
Quick Drying with No Streaks

No more waiting for steamed floors to dry! S5 Steam dry wet vacuum cleaner leaves your floors completely dry and streak-free in a matter of minutes, so life at home goes back to normal fast.

Bigger Tanks Maximize Cleaning Times & Area
Bigger Tanks Maximize Cleaning Times & Area

Higher-capacity clean water and dirty water tanks of the tineco s5 steam let you clean larger areas without interruption.

Customer Reviews

Based on 82 reviews
Susan Larson
The best

I purchased the Floor One S5 Steam Smart Wet Dry Vacuum Cleaner w/Steam and I couldn't ask for a better product. In the past I mopped my wood kitchen floor and yet it was never really clean. Right after mopping if something spilled on the floor and I wiped it up with a paper towel, the paper towel was dirty. With the steam cleaner this is the first time the floor is completely clean.

Dianne scudder
Way better than the Floormates

A house full of pets, tile floors and little excitement about cleaning them (I jokingly begged a friend for year to come wash my floors because I hated it). I have two flavors of Floormates and they did an okay job, but there was residue. Wipe the "clean" floor with a damp paper towel, and it still showed dirt.

Not so this machine. I'm really looking forward to keeping up with floor cleaning now. This steam cleaner works like a dream and I love that it cleans itself. That was just the icing on the cake.

Great but....

First off, I loved lots about this S5 Steam but had to return it. For us, the fact that it doesn't clean close to the walls was sadly a deal breaker. We are sticking with our old steam mop because it gets all the way to the edge of the wall. If that does not bother you or matter to you then you will love this.

Caleena Rozell
Steamer and vacuum

Love this steamer/vacuum. I have 3 dogs sand so I would definitely suggest vacuuming up as much of the debris and hair fist and then use this to clean and pick up what was missed. First use I didn’t vacuum with my normal vacuum and it still did well but had a lot of hair in the roller mop part and don’t think it cleaned as well as it could have. Though in saying that my floors had never felt more clean to my feet or looked so clean. I used steamer/vacuum a 2nd time 4 days later and still picked up just as much dirt. I love how easy it is to use and clean up the parts. Will be recommending to everyone!

14 day review

The first S5 Steamer I received leaked from the base, and I mean the water just poured out. I returned it, and still haven't received the replacement as of yet.

Tineco sent me an email: "We fulfilled your order from our store Tineco US 14 days ago and would love to get your feedback." Tineco, I'll give an honest review when I receive my replacement Steamer. When I get it!

Jeffrey Feldman
Sho kingly good


Tineco FLOOR ONE S5 Steam Smart Wet Dry Vacuum Cleaner with Steam

Tineco FLOOR ONE S5 Steam Smart Wet Dry Vacuum Cleaner with Steam

$399.99 $449.99
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