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Tineco CARPET ONE Spot Smart Cordless Carpet and Upholstery Spot Cleaner


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What is the difference between Carpet One Spot and other spot cleaners?
Tineco Carpet One Spot is a smart spot cleaner which automatically detects how dirty the carpet/upholstery is and applies the appropriate amount of solution, water,and roller speed to ensure the perfect cleaning effect every time. Especially in Spot Mode, Carpet One Spot is able to run automatically and stop immediately when it is clean, hands free for better user experience. No more repetitive bending and scrubbing!
How do I control the water Spray?
In Spot and Auto mode, the appliance sprays water automatically and adjusts water spray volume based on how dirty the stain is; In Suction mode, it doesn't spray water.
What kind of surfaces it can be used on? Can this be used on hard floors?
The Carpet One Spot can be used on carpets, upholstery, car interior and stairs, such as fiber/cotton/flax/and etc. But it can't be used on hard floors, sparsely wooven upholstery, luxury carpets. If you are not sure about whether your carpet is suitable for machine cleaning, we suggest that you try it in a small and marginal area of your carpet or upholstery first, and applied for bigger areas afterwards.
Can it be used on Berber pile carpets?
Some Loop Berber carpets, Natural Fiber (including silk and wool), and Soft Fiber carpets can fuzz with wear. Some vacuums & carpet cleaners can worsen this carpet wear. If cleaning on Berber, Natural Fiber, or Soft Fiber carpeting, first test a small hidden area of carpet by running the carpet washer over it. If no fuzzing or overwetting occurs, continue cleaning. Avoid overwetting Berber carpets. If you have any questions or concerns, consult with your carpet manufacturer on deep cleaning recommendations.
How do I know if it can be used on my rug or not?
Please check manufacturer’s tag before cleaning area rugs for any specialized cleaning instructions. We do not recommend deep cleaning delicate, silk, wool, antique or area rugs without a manufacturer’s tag. Important! Do not use on rugs or carpet when dry cleaning is recommended.
how do I know if it can be used on my upholsteryor not?
For upholstery, check cleaning code - Use your Cleaner only if the upholstery fabric is marked with a “W” (for “wet” clean) or “S/W” (for “solvent/dry” or “wet” clean). Do not clean fabric marked “S” (“solvent/dry” clean only). If your upholstery does not have a code, seek professional assistance.
Can I use a third party cleaning solution?
It is not recommended to use a third party cleaning solution because the Spot Cleaner is designed to be used with the Tineco Cleaning Solution to optimize the amount of bubbles that are produced with cleaning solutions. Third party solutions can cause an over abundance of bubbles when cleaning that could fill up the Dirty Water Tank within minutes of use.
what is the noise of this appliance?
The advanced version, Carpet One Spot is rather quiet, which has a voice of 70dB(A).
How do you start self-cleaning mode?
To start the self-cleaning mode, please follow the following steps: Before starting self-cleaning, please clean the DWT and ensure the water level in the CWT exceeds 20%. Then plug the adaptor into the main body, and press the button on the handle to start the self-cleaning cycle. The appliance will automatically shut off once finished. The entire self-cleaning process takes about 80 seconds.
How often I need to clean the brush roll?
We recommend cleaning the brush roll after each use.
What is the suction power of the spot cleaner when sucking up water and debris?
Suction power for the spot cleaner is 30AW (Air Watts).
How long can the Spot cleaner run on a full charge?
The Carpet One Spot has a Lithium-ion 21.6V 4000mAh battery that allows it to run 40 minutes depending on how often the appliance is running on max power.
How much time does the Carpet One Spot take to be fully charged?
The Carpet One Spot takes around 5.5 hours to charge to full.
What is the voltage of the charger? Can you use a different charger?
The Tineco Caroet One Spot uses 100-240V in its charger. We do not recommend using a different charger as that may not be compatible with the battery.
What are the Clean Water Tank and Dirty Water Tank capacities?
The Clean Water Tank capacity is 1.6L. The Dirty Water Tank capacity is 0.8L.
How much solution are you supposed to use for cleaning?
Using the cap of the solution bottle, fill 2 caps worth of solution and pour into the Clean Water Tank. Fill up the Clean Water Tank with clean water up to the Max line.
Does the water have to be at a specific temperature for cleaning?
The temperature can be between 39.2°F ~ 104°F (4°C ~ 40°C). Typically normal tap water is fine to use for cleaning. Please do not use hot water as this can cause internal damage to the pipes in the appliance.
Where should you store the Carpet One Spot?
We recommend storing the Carpet One Spot on the charging base that is provided with this appliance. For long term storage, we recommend storing the appliance indoors in a dry place after use.
Can you adjust the flow of water coming out?
The Carpet One Spot will automatically adjust the solution and clean water flow to make sure you have the ideal cleaning experience. You can turn the water flow off by switching it to Suction mode.
What is the flow rate?
It ranges from 260 to 360ml/min in Carpet mode, 140 to 240 ml/min in Upholstery mode.
What are the mode switch button functions?
The mode switch button allows users to select Spot/Auto/Suction modes, Spot Mode: perfect for tough messes, automatically stops as stains are removed, hands-free for better experience. Auto Mode: intelligently adjusts water flow for easy and effective cleaning. Suction Mode: only absorbs water to reduce drying time.
Does the cleaning solution have an odor?
No, the cleaning solution does not have an odor, but it can deodorize the area you are cleaning.
Does this unit suck up animal hair?
We do not recommend using this appliance to suck up animal hair, this appliance targets multiple types of debris and wet messes on the carpet and upholstery including everyday dirt (mud, grime), pet messes (urine, vomit, ordos), colored stains (juice, coffee, ketchup, jam), oil stains and etc.
Will hair and fur get wrapped around roller?
Normally this does not happen because the brush roller diameter size is big enough so it can avoid getting tangled. If there is a tangle, just remove the brush roller from its holder and the hair tangle can be removed from the brush roller easily.
Do you have to use distilled water?
There is no need to use distilled water. Tap water is perfectly fine to use in the Carpet One Spot. Please do not use hot water as this can cause internal damage to the pipes in Carpet One Spot.
Can I use bleach in the machine to clean Carpets/Upholstery?
We would not recommend using bleach in this machine as it could damage the machine.
How much does the product weigh?
Carpet One Spot weighs 12lbs.
How long is the warranty?
The warranty lasts 2 years.
How long does the battery last for?
The Carpet One Spot can work for 40 minutes in Auto mode. The battery running time may vary depending on the environment the appliance is being used on.
How do I charge the battery?
Put the machine back to the tray and plug in the charger then it will start charging and stop automatically once finished.
What are the functions included in APP?
Our APP includes the status of the Carpet One Spot such as power level, dirtiness level, battery level. The APP can also show you a performance report of your cleaning. Customer Service is able to be contacted through the APP.
Is the filter replaceable and can it be washed?
The filter can be washed and cleaned. Please be sure to thoroughly dry the filter before placing it back in the appliance.
How do I know when the Dirty Water Tank (DWT) needs to be cleaned?
You may find the Dirty Water Tank Full indicator light blinking. A voice prompt can remind you to clean the DWT, or check for any blockages in the air channel. The Floor One automatically stops operating once the DWT is full.
How do I know when the Clean Water Tank (CWT) needs to be refilled?
You may find the CWT empty indicator light blinking and a voice prompt reminding you to refill it.
How do I know when the brush roller is blocked?
You may find the brush roller blockage indicator light blinking and a voice prompt reminding you to take out the roller to clean it. Please check the air channel if there are any blockages while the roller is out of the brush roll holder.
How do I know when the dirty indicator light is mulfunctioning?
You may find that the dirty indicator light is blinking and you need to clean the air channel opening located underneath the DWT when it is removed.
Does it pick up large debris like cereals, dog food, etc?
No, The Carpet One Spot is designed to pick up multiple types of debris and wet messes on the carpet and upholstery including everyday dirt (mud, grime), pet messes (urine, vomit, ordos), colored stains (juice, coffee, ketchup, jam), oil stains and etc.
Can I use the Carpet One Spot to clean floors?
The Carpet One Spot is designed to be used with carpet/upholstery surfaces. It should not be used on hard floors.
What's the difference between Carpet One Spot and Carpet One Spot Essentials?
The main difference is between the motor, battery, WiFi and the charging approach, which leads to differnt working noise and different battery life. The Carpet One Spot has WiFi, and it can be connected to Tineco Life App. And having a charging base makes it quiet convenient to charge and store the appliance.
For some pet families, can this washing machine solve the problem of pet smell?
Of course, our product can easily clean pet residual dirt. Our product is also equipped with standard solution, which can easily eliminate the smell of pet residual dirt.
Can the machine be restored to factory Settings?
Yes, long press Mute button for 20S to restore factory Settings.
The charging storage seat has been connected to the socket, the machine is taken away, people accidentally touch the contact plate will there be electric shock risk?
When the machine is fully charged, how long does it take to run out of power if left unused? Is it possible to turn on normally after recharging after no power?
3 months

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Yasmin C.
Excellent Product!

I have yet to be let down by one of the Tineco products. I love them all. I started out purchasing the Tineco Floor ONE S5 PRO 2 Cordless Wet Dry Vacuum. It made cleaning so much easier and quicker. Then I purchased Tineco Pure ONE S15 Pet Smart Cordless Vacuum Cleaner and fell in love with that one two. And now the Tineco Carpet One Spot Smart Cordless Carpet and Upholstery Spot Cleaner and it didn't disappoint me. It works perfectly when I want to give my sofas a really good clean. With three kids, a husband, and a dog that all love to eat and do just about everything on the sofa this comes in very handy. And as an added bonus my kids love using them too, they clean a lot more just so they can have an excuse to use them

Daniel Nunamaker
Tineco Carpet One Spot/Upholstery Cleaner

I have only used the cleaner on 1 occasion so far. I worked great. I have owned BISSELL Spot Bots and this little cleaner out performs them hands down. Very happy with this product!! I would recommend it to my friends and family.

Yasmin Castro
Love this brand!

My first Tineco purchase was the wet vac that they have and I just fell in love. It made cleaning my floor so much easier. So I purchased the stick vacuum and loved that too. Now I purchased the Upholstery Spot cleaner and what can I say, they don't disappoint. I love it. All of their products have worked great for me, and from an aesthetic standpoint I love having all my cleaning tools together and matching. It makes my cleaning supply area nice to look at. I really appreciate the neutral color scheme.

Tineco CARPET ONE Spot Smart Cordless Carpet and Upholstery Spot Cleaner

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